The Animated Journey: Ep. 077 and 078

Animator, illustrator, storyboard and comic artist Alina Chau shares her experiences growing up in Hong Kong, studying animation at UCLA and working in multiple aspects of the animation industry from gaming to television shows at studios ranging from Electronic Arts to Lucasfilm in today’s episode of The Animated Journey Podcast! This is part one of a two part episode where Alina shares how she became the phenomenal artist that she is today, from working in the industry at studios to freelancing and exhibiting at conventions around the country.  Listen Here

Episode 078 features part 2 of our interview with animator, illustrator, storyboard and comic artist Alina Chau! In this interview Alina shares how her heritage and unique experiences influence her artwork, the importance of taking care of your mental and physical health, how to find a great agent, her current projects, how to manage your time as a freelancer and more. Listen Here